Undercoat Removal System 2 shampoo


Removes Undercoat using the patented Sav-Ur-Fur nozzle. This is a two product system that helps to remove undercoat in a safe and timely manner. The system injects shampoo and conditioner under the coat preparing for undercoat removal. Then by pulling the sprayer end fully out you can remove undercoat. It does this with premium products and water pressure through the nozzle. This unit can be used as a small bathing system. This system includes the Mini S nozzle. A great nozzle for injecting shampoo or conditioner under the coat reducing the need to scrub with your hands. This nozzle will last your lifetime as a groomer. Includes: 1 Mini S nozzle, 1 Patented Sav-Ur-Fur nozzle, 1 pkg meter tips and meter tip tool, one inlet hose 10 ft , one outlet 10' hose,  20 ft tubing with  suction screens. 1 year warranty

Make sure you have adequate water pressure to successfully remove undercoat and shedding hair. Requires 60 psi or more.( Fill gallon jug and time it 20 seconds or less )

Easy to install:

this system is approx 6" wide and 10" tall. two screws and its on the wall. hooks up to a 3/4" standard water source.  shampoo and conditioner under system.