• Supreme Washing System 6 shampoo


    The SavUrFur Supreme Washing System is designed to save groomers time, money, and hassle by eliminating many of the inefficiencies associated with manual product mixing. It uses standard water pressure (60 psi or more) to dilute 6 grooming products as they are needed and applies them directly to the animal using the unique Sav-Ur-Fur Sprayer Nozzle to penetrate the fur and give a deep clean. This system comes with, 1 Undercoat Nozzle, 60' of tubing and 6 suction strainer tubes, 1 -10' Inlet hose and 1- 10' outlet hose, 2 pks meter tips and meter tip tool.  Directions 1 year warranty. 

    This system is 16" wide and 10" tall. Easy to install. two screws and it's on the wall. hook water to a 3/4" standard water source. Put shampoos and conditioner below the system.

    Make sure you have enough water pressure. time filling gallon jug 20 seconds or less