Choice Bathing System 4 shampoo


Our Choice Bathing System is a 4 product system that works well in any size shop. Choice system Includes: 1 plastic shampoo nozzle, 40' tubing and 4 suction strainers, 1 - 10' inlet hose and 1- 10' outlet hose, 2 pks meter tips and meter tip tool, directions
Great Bathing system. When our Patented Sav-Ur-Fur undercoat nozzle is purchased with this system it can also remove undercoat and shedding hair. Requires minimum 60 psi water pressure for undercoat nozzle.           ( fill 1 gal. jug in 20 sec or less )          1 year warranty.
This system is 11" long by 10" tall. Easy to install : two screws and it's on the wall. hooks to 3/4 standard water source. shampoos and conditioner below the unit.